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So as Jim Carey said in the movie "Liar Liar", "Quit breaking the law!!!" and all will be good. For those really worried about privacy, most cell phones nowadays also have a trackable GPS. But do remember, the FBI (and other agencies) just do not have the manpower to track every single person inthe US, so if they are tring to track you, it is likely you did something to quirk their interests. As GTNOS said, anything that is broadcasted over the air, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for. Technology is cool, but the law has not quite caught up to the technology. Just to note, the use of radar does not violate privacy either, nor does physically following you....iso f they boys in blue want you, there are so many legal ways for them to track you that a black box becomes almost irrelevant. Most likely the people who will use the black boxes the most will be plaintiffs in civil lawsuits, and maybe a few DAs is few drunk driving or vehicular homicide cases. But on the average traffic stop, the officer is not going to say "Sir, license, registration, proof of insurance and balck box information please".

One other note, insurance companies are not government agencies...tehy are spawns of Satan. I am for anything to hinder insurance companies coming up with more information so they can get even more stupid with their rates and their willingness to pay claims. In that one aspect, I think the black boxes pose a danger.
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