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I used to sell cars, and hated the business, hence why I left. But my dealer loved multiple car purhcasers. Here is why. They would haggle for hours over the first car, and usually the dealer would come out ahead. But on the second car, the customer usually believed that the dealer was now working with them, since the customer is such an excellent negotiator. Then the dealer would usually rape them on the second car because the the customer believed after haggling for hours onthe fisrt one that dealer would realize this customer is a force to be reckoned with and just make them a good deal.

In my opinion, if the dealer thinks the demand for the Mustang (or the Expedition) is high, they wont negotiate much on the price, especially since ther eis a rebate of any kind. If by chance you actually get a price below MSRP and then get the rebate, please share. I will be totally shocked if you get the car for below invoice and then get the rebate. Hey, stranger things have happened. My hats off to you if you pull it off.

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