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Originally Posted by Tedz Pony
Hey Mr. Vandermey or GTNOS,

No, radar does not violate privacy, but how about this one ... many scientific studies are proving that excess radiation has led to an increase in cancer over the last few decades. In fact, they hav shown a direct correlation between cell phone ue and brain tumors. So, should the police legally be able to use radar, or is that a violation of my right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," specifically the first, since it can affect health?

Mr. Vandermey, you're the lawyer... wanna take that one and run with it for us?
That is a funny argument. If I recall correctly, the studies indicate that like cell phones, the radar gun may possibly emit radiation waves which may be a cause of brain cancer. Well, here is the problem, first of all, it is yet to be proven such actually happens. Next, even if it does, the law suit would be more properly defined as being against the manufacturer of the radar gun, not likely the law enforcement agency. Lastly, it is the officer that is likely to receive the harmful radiation waves (if any), since he is the one in close proximity to the radar gun. There is no scientific evicence that a radar beam pointed in the general direction of someone will even remotely cause any medical problems. So, although I do applaud you for thinking outside the box, the argument does not pass the "blush test."

Until the scientific studies are proven in a court of law, it is not likely that argument that law enforcement is violating your right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be volated. Good try though. :hihi:

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