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Originally Posted by 74novaguy View Post
Well just wanted to vent a little and run this by every one and what they think.

Well my car started shifting hard and before I could take it in. It stopped letting me shift while the car was running. I could put it in gear and start it then take off like normal but I just couldn't shift out of that gear but I can stop and go all I want. So I had it towed to the closet dealer.

They called me today and told me it needs a new clutch. 2300 dollars and they will fix it as its not a warranty issue. Car only has 31k on it still under basic warranty. So i hung up to think about it. Called back and asked for a quote faxed to me and a parts list. They told me that it needs a new clutch disk, Master and Slave cylinder and Pilot bearing...
I received your update, 74novaguy. Please keep me posted.

Originally Posted by Grok View Post
PM Deysha, this isn't a normal sounding failure.
Thank you for the mention, Grok!


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