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This was just eyeballing the fit, but the bend in pipe after connection at x pipe starts about 8" from connection. The length of pipe from x pipe to axle is about 30". The "flattened" part of pipe on drivers side is 24", so that gives me enough to fit the ends and clamp on the round pipe. (should be similar on passenger side without flat pipe. Now the one thing you say is clearance. Is it at the plastic "shield" for the gas tank? (are there two tanks, one on each side?) Anyway the Dynomax thrush are pretty skinny compared to many other resonators. I now see what you mean. These should clear, but can't tell till I cut and clamp. Then it'll be too late, so this is the big question. Why is it a plastic shield? I guess if it touches, it melts. Not a good thing. Oh well, back under the car with a tape measure....

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