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When I bought my Stang I was commuting 75 miles each way (150 miles round trip). Now I only commute 50 miles each way (100 miles round trip), plus occassional other driving. However, I still refuse to commute in my Stang. The concept of sitting on the freeway in traffic in my Stang just burns my briches. So I take her to work once or twice a month. Most of my driving in my Stang is local driving on the weekend. Heck, she is 14 months old and only has just shy of 2500 miles on her. My Fusion is for commuting (8 months old and has 15,000 miles). As of my 1 year anniversary, I was averaging only 152 miles per month, of course since then, I have added 700 miles (an average of 350 miles per month) to bring my current average up to about 175 miles per month.
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