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Here's a picture

Some of you post before you look, so I'll make it easier. Here is a model of the gauge placement:

I ride with the seat in the rear most position. The gauges are sticking out 2.5" (on the cardboard model) and so is the camera from my eye. Anyone with a 5" shorter seat position would see this view. I see better sitting back.

Some of you are going point out that the gauges are installed skewed. Yes, I know. That is an old-school racer's trick. Put all your gauges in a line and then have the needle point to the highest acceptable reading at the 3:00 o'clock position. A quick glance will tell you if everything is OK. Any needle showing south the 3:00 o'clock deserves investigation. It may look funny, but it is very functional (if we didn't want function, we'd stick with the Ford idiot gauges, wouldn't we?)

Now, how about some wiring advice?
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