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Originally Posted by KonaV6 View Post
If you would read before rage posting, some dynos read low + it's an automatic. A MT6 version of the 3.7 with the same mods will dyno higher than an auto with the same mods, environmental variables, on the same dyno. It's not hard to comprehend. I gave you a link with most of the information you needed, the sounds are pretty accurate from the multiple youtube videos available.

The comments from the youtube link i gave you --> "Keep in mind that the auto trans typically makes less then a manual car does. That's just part of the drivetrain loss associated with the auto trans."

I've given you information and also told you "Hey, do some research and quit duplicating the 123123 threads for this topic on this forum". You threw a b*tch a fit and i'm still trying to help.....
I hate to break it to you, but you're the one who keeps coming back and arguing. Leave it alone man. Go away.
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