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Originally Posted by Jenkinsbball
Although I doubt I could really do it, what are usually the requirements to getting 0% apr? I've been at my job now for 4 months (last job 6 months, and the one before like 4 years), I make $31,200/year (I was making $8.50/hr when I got my 05) and my credit score is like in the mid-700's.

Not that I think I can do it anyways. I doubt I could get 0%, I doubt my wife would let me because of 1 more year of payments and I doubt they'd give me enough on my trade-in to cover what I owe. 11 payments for me too, @ $550+ and like 2/3 of that went to interest.
I talked to my wife and she said go for it, if I could get the 0%, of course. That would be nice. I might stop at Payton Wright on the way home and talk to my salesman and see what he can do. If I had gotten my car w/ 0%, my freaking monthly payment would've been $375. And, this way, I can get the options I want this time.

But, of course, it all depends on if I can get the 0%

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