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Originally Posted by tw0scoops123
Since when would any car company offer 0.0 on a new model car that turned out to be the most popular car on the road that year? 0.0 is a way to get people to buy cars when they aren't selling so well. Obviously the 05s were. Ford didn't need incentive to get people to buy mustangs.

Not fair? That's business, dude. LOL.
I know it's business. I got my car 11 months ago... I just have bad luck and I hate that everyone else gets to pay less for the same vehicle just because they waited longer, or just happened to see the deal. That's one thing I've learned, you can never get everything you want. I've stopped caring since that post of mine. I'm going to talk to the dealership today and see if I can trade my 05 for an 06.

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