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Originally Posted by Jenkinsbball
I know it's business. I got my car 11 months ago... I just have bad luck and I hate that everyone else gets to pay less for the same vehicle just because they waited longer, or just happened to see the deal. That's one thing I've learned, you can never get everything you want. I've stopped caring since that post of mine. I'm going to talk to the dealership today and see if I can trade my 05 for an 06.
Dont feel so bad....there a lot of 06 GT's on the lot becuase the hype has died down...i cant even find a car with a manual, most are autos. Just keep your 05, you will loose money if you get an 06..and there is no difference between them. I bought my 06 last year also, and i got a heck of a deal..but i didnt pay 0%, but i got 5.9% from capitol one. i'm happy, but i wouldnt trade it in for a 0% deal.
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