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Originally Posted by Jenkinsbball
I'll just wait and get a car when a deal like this comes up, instead of buying the car when I want it.
That's a good way to go but then you don't get to have it when you want it.

I am paying 5.5% for 72 months, on $9800. That's a damn good deal but I have "gold balls credit" and had a 66% down payment. It is incredibly rare for a company to put rebates or good deals on hot vehicles so this is truly a once in a lifetime event.

I got my house the same way. Good timing and amazing luck. I had saved and scrimped [eveything I owned was in a single room of a farmhouse and then we went to war. Interest rates fell through the floor. I got in with the oldest mortgage company in America. ABN-AMRO at I had been saving my money for a house.

I got 5.365% on a 30 year fixed without FHA. Timing on *this* particular thing wasn't perfect for you but you *will* have things happen to you in your life that just click.


Watch for them.

Still and all, I'd trade my house and my car, in a heartbeat, without ever a look back, in exchange for a family. Had a wife. Never had kids.

You have a car and a great job [bit far away] and many people in the world would shake their heads in wonder at the things that bother us Americans. Nobody is shooting at me or trying to burn my village. Nobody oppressing me or forcing me to serve in the military. No refugee camps in my neighborhood.

JENKINSBBALL, you are one blessed guy who drives one of Americas coolest cars and you got it before everybody else. You have a good job, food, home, clothes. Don't worry that the new guy got a good deal on his car while you and I make somewhat higher payments. It's a struggle but once you pay it off, you'll be the happy guy again. No warranty means no FORD bitching about mods

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