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i said it before and ill say it now

i paid 440 bucks for the FMS bullit handling kit from summit racing.
came with 600lb front springs, 250lb rear springs, and specially valved front struts and rear shocks.

best 500 bucks i ever spent. dropped the car down a bit, and made it so stiff its unbelievable, and i dont even have subframe connectors.

i also added caster/camber plates, which are the best investment you can make.
they allow your alignment to be adjusted for super high performance.

the macpherson setup is certainly not the best, youre right. but for minimal cash, you can make it handle way better than that crap 240sx.

the right springs, a good alignment, and some awesome tires will keep you on the ground.

get a good set of endlinks and a bunch of polyurethane bushings to keep everything tight, and you will be good to go.

eventually, a good tubular k-member and tubular a-arms would be a great way to stiffen things up even more, but i would avoid coil-overs on your stang. the macpherson strut towers werent meant to handle that kind of weight and force, and will ultimately flex and decrease performance.

subframe connectors are a must.

dont knock the fox body's setup. its been around since 1979 and it isnt going anywhere anytime soon.
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