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I traded the 05 V6 for a 06 GT Saturday. I now understand GT people a lot better. The difference in the ride and handling is unreal. I thought the trade in allowance was just a little low but I'm able to buy on the X Plan so it didn't bother me too much. My monthly payment is $85 a month less. Plus my insurance might actually be less. On Friday my agent said it would be $12 amonth more. But with the antilock brakes, side airbags and passive antitheft it should be at least the same.

Got the same color - Windviel Blue. It's a premium with auto trans. I was thinking manual but the wife wasn't too happy about that. Have to have some give and take. Especially since she had gotten me the V6 as aChristmas present in o4.

All I can add is "This is how a Mustang should be!".
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