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Originally Posted by Stangboy5666
So I have been doing a LOT of reading and searching (mainly searching lately) on suspension upgrades to get a better bead on what i want to do. The rear is easy, I pretty much have that nailed down.

The front is a different story, however... I have been considering all of the shortcomings of the MacPherson strut setup our Foxes use, and have seen that i either have to deal with it and work around the suspension, which is extremely difficult because of its inherent failures, or replace it completely, which would involve something like somehow swapping in a Mustang II front end with the double wishbone coil over shock setup. What i would like to know is if anyone has any info on this type of swap. I can find absolutely no info on the web. I realize now that most of the conversions I have heard of were completely custom and mainly race app. I want a decent ride, but I cannot live the constant battling the suspension goes through,,, oversteer most of the time and then just when you arent ready for it, a certain corner gives you all the understeer you can imagine... Its extremely frustrating. I rode in a friends turbo 240 sx last night and it handles considerably better.

If anyone has any info here at all, it would be much appreciated, thanks
Griggs and HP Motorsport have front conversions. They add weight, but they work well.

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