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Ford should have bumped it to 350HP & named it a GT350 ...That would be barely palatable from a price pt. No question they are trying to Squeeze as much $$$ as possible from the stang.

I'm being patient on My Shelby's & they should come in about sticker.

Prices are already falling . The GT (40) of which only a few thousand were built for a 2 year run have already plummeted from the Highs of 200K+ . Have seen as low as 159,999 now.

GT500's will soon follow. The ebay prices have started dropping from 75-85 to 58-65 . 8 - 10 thousand run is allot of cars

IMO These Shelby GT's will sitting in the showrooms for a Long time unless the price comes in @ no more than 4K or so over a normal GT ( & even then I would give pause).

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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