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Originally Posted by trivas1 View Post
Well here is my update:
Still not fixed. Took to dealer the loaned me a car for about 4 days then called me to say that lower control arms are on back order. Took loaner car back in and got our car so we then took a trip out of town. As we were leaving they called us to tell me that the parts were in, so we scheduled the repair the following week after we got back. Took car in and later that afternoon the service adviser said the parts were incorrect and come get the car because he does not know when the improved parts would be in. So I am somewhat disappointed but these kind of things happen as I have been in those shoes before as well.
I believe they have a remedy for the issue but not enough supply for the demand at this time.
Originally Posted by obokky View Post
Is this the sound that is reminiscent of an old steamer trunk squeaking across a floor on those miserable little wheels (pre-casters)?

Mine just started that under moderate braking a few days ago.

I have a standing game of phone tag with a local service advisor to get other warranty work done. It started as a decal replacement (both sides' MCA rockers) and has grown to include a nasty rattle at headliner/windshield before this.

He was denying a loaner for the decal work, but it may have steamrolled on him beyond that point.
Thank you for the update, trivas1!

Both of you should PM me with your VIN, dealer, full name, mileage, and best daytime number so I can escalate this for you.

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