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Originally Posted by Kyle F
Let see, you have the...
V6 (Delux and Premium)
V6 Pony
CS6 (Shelby's V6)
GT (Deluxe and Premium)
Shelby GT
Rousch GT
Steeda GT
Saleen GT
Shelby GT500

All directly available from a new Ford dealer... not all can sell each model... but each aftermarket manufacturer has certified dealers.

All models have distingueshed Characheteristics...

I see it as 10... a Steed for every Need indeed. :hihi: and for every wallet.
The fact that the other models are available didn't keep me from buying a regular GT... or 2 LOL.
I'm with ya but Saleen, Rousch and steeda are considered aftermarket mustangs with warrenties, I think. If you add all the aftermarket stangs you could throw Foose and etc..... in with those so they to the general population don't count. IMO.
The V6 deluxe and pony same car different options...
Not going after you personally thou just an opinion.
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