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Originally Posted by Kyle F
Let see, you have the...
V6 (Delux and Premium)
V6 Pony
CS6 (Shelby's V6)
GT (Deluxe and Premium)
Shelby GT
Rousch GT
Steeda GT
Saleen GT
Shelby GT500

All directly available from a new Ford dealer... not all can sell each model... but each aftermarket manufacturer has certified dealers.

All models have distingueshed Characheteristics...

I see it as 10... a Steed for every Need indeed. :hihi: and for every wallet.
The fact that the other models are available didn't keep me from buying a regular GT... or 2 LOL.
you cant count roush, steeda, foose, or saleen. ford has nothing to do with those companies other than an agreement to cover the existing car warranty whenever thier parts are installed by thier certified techs. the dealers who deal in those cars buy them from those companies, not from ford. eg: roush buys a GT from ford, turns it into a roush, assigns it a roush vin and a new MSRP and then sells it to a dealer who has an agreement with roush to sell thier cars. ford has nothing to do with those cars, other than building the base GT from which those cars were made. dont give ford credit for something they are not giving us. if your going to do that, you might as well thank ford for all the mods you are putting on that new 06 you just bought, that you are paying for and installing...... same thing. now who deserves that credit? you and the aftermarket? or ford? im sure not thanking ford for my hurst shifter that i installed. matter of fact, with regards to that part i feel that i had to spend $160 of my $$ and 30 minutes of my time to fix fords screw up b/c that stock shifter sucked that bad.

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