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Let the inflation begin

Originally Posted by mark
These are the identical cars for the Hertz rent a car except with a different paint scheme and you can do the 325 hp, scoop, etc. for a lot less with your current GT. I just came from my dealer and he has a Shelby GT rag top in the show room with a butt ugly mustard yellow color. MSRP is 47,000. The front splitter and rear diffuser is awesome but thats about it.
$47K for a Mustang that someone can probably beat with a regular GT with a tune and CAI. That is just bulls**t. Ford is just trying to squeeze as much money out of the consumers by offering limited edition Mustangs. Hey if you want to get a rare Mustang how about buying a regular GT and modding it to your own liking. Then it's not #x of 10,000 but 1 of 1. And for $47K you could buy a regular GT and mod the hell out of it, even make it look alot better than this last installment of the Mustang. I'm not knocking on Shelby but I was not that impressed with this "new" Mustang I mean it looks nice but not $47K nice. The only thing I really liked was the rear spoiler delete. I would much rather get a CS6, now that is an authentic Shelby product not a Mustang with a couple Ford aftermarket parts slapped on it and a cool Shelby plate in between the AC ducts. Anyway just my .02 cents.

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