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Originally Posted by rmays06
WHAT!!!!Shelby tarnis his name by putting out a Mustang? DID you bump your head? Shelby approached ford to do this not the other way around.
FORD put out one of the most talked about cars in years, put 300 HP into a $25000 car that you couldn't touch for almost a year at a dealer and your still not happy. GO BUY AN IMPORT and deal with the $10K mod to make it do 15sec in the 1/4 mile. OK so I guess Ford should put CAI and fender scoops on all the stangs right?
THis is a classy car and we don't need folks and comments like this holding it down......
I couldn't agree with you more. I hear people bitching about bad shifters, cheap interior, long antennas, no this too much that, and on and on. I bought a 300 hp car that looks beautiful and was priced at $27,890. If Ford were to add every doodad that all these guys constantly complain about I would NEVER had been able to afford what I believe to be the best Mustang EVER. There...I said it.
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