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Suspension Modifications? How does this sound?

I'm starting to look at suspension modifications. Let me say, my Mustang is probably not going to be on a track anytime, soon, so I'm only interested in modifications for the street. From reading a few different forums I've decided to upgrade the following:

- Rear Sway Bar
- Aftermarket Panhard Bar
- Panhard Bar Brace
- Lower Control Arms

More than likely I'll go with Steeda parts, but I haven't made up my mind. Oh, and I already have a strut tower brace (looks nice, not sure if it actually did anything).

Is the aftermarket panhard bar a must on our cars? I realize it's a good idea if I were going to lowering it. However, I live on a steep hill, so lowering is out of the question. Am I wasting my money if I purchase an aftermarket panhard bar? Most seem to be adjustable, I can't see the advantage if I'm going to keep the stock springs.

I've also seen the Steeda G-trac brace. Is it worth it or a waste of money?

How about front sway bars? I've read that this upgrade isn't really necessary.

Also, I'm looking at aluminum LCA's vs. tubular steel. Since I'm not lowering the car, I have a little extra money in my budget. Remember, this car may never see a track, would the aluminum part be worth it? It looks like a waste of money for my application.

What about replacing both the 3rd link control arm and the upper control arm? Would that be worth it on a street car?

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