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Originally Posted by tormenting5.0 View Post
How many people likes the redesign in 2010? When I first saw it, I didn't like it very much. When the 2011's came out, I was use too seeing this body style. That coupled with the new motor options for both v6 and v8 won me over. It's not bad so far, it's not the final car yet. So I'm holding judgment until I see the real thing.
When I first saw the 2010 redesign, I thought it was awesome. There was no "getting used to it". Putting the GT500ish fascia and the smoked tail lights on the '13/'14 only made it better. To me, 2010-2014 are the best looking mustangs since the late 60's.

From all the rumors it sounds like the new generation is going to be great in terms of performance, it's just a shame it looks like a Fusion coupe instead of a mustang. Maybe it will look better when the entire car is unveiled, but the front end does not impress.
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