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Okay, I admit it, I have a fair weather toy....14 months old and only 2454 miles on her. I did have her oil changed at 1000 miles. Obvioulsy I drive her more in the summer than the winter, but in either case mostly just on weekends. I refuse to commute in her or to just sit in traffic with her.

5twenty, I admire you big time...60K can truly say you have gotton your money's worth. In most cases, I am selling my car by 60K miles. I put close to 40K miles on my daily driver last year. We are almost 9 months into this year and I have put 24K miles on all the cars I drive, spread out over three cars, 16K on the Fusion, 7k on the Eclipse (now sold) and 1k on the Stang.

My Stang will probably me a low mileage caar for sometime.

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