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Originally Posted by Driven SVT View Post
The drop on the Steeda UL was pretty decent, got rid of the worst of the wheel gap and gave it a balanced handling character, but I trimmed a few cm off the front bottom of the coil to get the rake back after driving on them for more than a year. This restored the rake, made it a bit less oversteer prone (i have swaybars and have dialed in LOTS of oversteer) and lost more wheelgap up front, but I still felt they were a bit too hard for daily duty.
Can you give details on exactly what you did to accomplish the rake with the ULs?

OP - I have the Steeda ULs paired with Koni Yellows, They are stiffer than stock but I would expect that. The reason that Steeda is not happy with them or their sports on the V6 late models is the rake is non existent. This is the best side pic I have of my car on hand to show you.

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