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Shelby GT500s on eBay

Has anyone else noticed how many Shelby GT500s are available on ebay? I thought a few months ago that ALL of the expected GT500s were already sold and acocutned for. If so, why are there so many dealers selling them now? My guess is either Ford produced a whole lot more than the expected 8K or so of the GT500s or the actual selling price has scared off a lot of the "presold buyers". Talk about the price spectrum. Every now and then you see one going for $5-$10K over MSRP, and you still see a few asking for a total of $90K for one, but most of them seem to be selling for $20-$25K over MSRP. I just find it amusing how many are available from dealers when back in April or June, allegedely ALL GT500s were already sold.

On another note, our good friend Roboz has his sweet '05 GT vert up on ebay. Damn nice ride, and his buy-it-now price is actually less then I thought it is worth. Good luck Roboz, I truly hope you get what you want for that sweet ride. Just a note, your GT vert has been inspirational in my plans in building my car. Oh yeah, enjoy your other two Stangs, and do post pics for all of us to see and be green with envy!!!

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