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Originally Posted by mystang68/05
I intend on lowering my car and would like to know what would give me the most improvement for my dollar. Every forum I have read indicates that a tower brace is a wast but looks great. This is the kind of information I need in making my decisions. Are sub frame connectors needed? Do they actually make any improvements? Lets get input.
You will get a lot of opinions on this subject, so here is mine. This only applies if your goal is to improve lateral traction/cornering for performance driving in conditions such as a road course or auto cross track.

In order of priority (IMO)
1. Tires will have the most effect on handling. Where the rubber meets the road is where you get traction. Good quality tires with good tread design (hopefully you can use a summer tire) and traction compound with wheels to match the tire with to assure correct sidewall angle, will make a huge difference in handling.
2. Springs will lower the center of gravity for the car (not necessarily what you want for straight line acceleration) and change the rate at which the car leans on turns.
3. Dampers - you probably want to change them when the springs are changed. They also affect the response when the load is shifted side to side (as well as front to rear). The ones that are most effective are adjustable so that you can tune your suspension. They are more expensive, but worth it. I was able to get my car to be neutral handling, but needed to have the adjustable dampers to do it.
4. Adjustable Panhard bar may be needed after lowering the car to center the wheels under the car body. A Panhard bar brace will add stiffness to the point where the Panhard bar is attached to the frame and help lateral stability some.
5. Sway bars play a minor role in straight line acceleration, and the stock bars are pretty good for handling. However, by installing an adjustable front sway bar I was able to have much more control of the understeer and eventually eliminate it.
6. G-trac, other frame braces and poly bushings add a little more stiffness for cornering (probably, for straight line acceleration poly bushings in the LCAs are more important ). I wouldn't spend the money unless you are serious about getting the most you can in the way of lateral traction.
7. I couldn't tell any difference when I installed my strut tower brace. One had made a big difference on a Porsche I raced, so I expected to notice the difference when I put it in my Mustang.

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