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Lots of great information in this thread. Thanks for the advice. I think going in a straight line is probably more of my interest. I'll never be able to handle as well in a turn without lowering the car and that's not really an option (my last performance car was a Corvette, I got tired of bottoming out and hitting road debris in my area!).

That said, if there is a weak spot in the suspension design that can be easily fixed, then I'll definitely do it. That was the primary reason for wanting a rear sway bar.

Here's what I think I'm hearing:

Lower Control Arms (LCA): Replacing the LCA's seems to be one of the first things people do. I am definitely replacing these, probably going with a non-adjustable part.

Panhard Bar Brace: Not necessary for straight line peformance, but a weak spot in the factory design. Looks like I should get one.

3rd link: It seems like I should replace this part, but I'm getting mixed information from a few different sources. If I do it, I'll be going with the non-adjustable part, since I won't be lowering. Is it really worth it on a street car?

Here's what confuses me:

Panhard bar: I don't need an adjustable bar, because I'm not lowering it and it doesn't do much for straight line performance, I suppose. Still, I do turn the car every once and a while.

Is there a noticable improvement on a street car with an aftermarket panhard bar? Or is it a waste of money if I'm not going to lower it?

Sway bars:
I was driving the car last night and would appreciate a little less understeer. Should I replace the front sway bar, the rear sway bar, or both?

FRPP makes a pretty affordable package of front and rear sway bars. The price is attractive, but for that price, there must be a catch.
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