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Originally Posted by 5.0 Coyote View Post
Its gonna be a real sad day when you have to ask yourself was that a Mustang or a Fusion,Fesita or a Honda Accord that just went by, I for one am no fan of the NEW Ford look a likes but then they might have that NEW color hot pink with flowers on the hood so they will be easy to spot,I think Ford is making a HUGE mistake but to each there own.
Hyperbole much? It looks NOTHING like a Fiesta or Accord (don't know where you got that one from). It has some cues in common with a Fusion, but it definitely doesn't look the same. To be honest it's not even that radical of a departure from the '14.

You may not like the new Fords, but you're certainly in the minority there because they're selling very well.

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