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Originally Posted by wjbiv
This thread freaks me out, as I have one of their CAIs on order right now. I'll just let it go and see for myself I guess, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Curious: They claim they have a money-back guarantee - have you tried to get your money back? If they refuse to refund you still have hope, simply dispute the credit card charge. A credit card company will charge back a vendor on much less evidence of wrong-doing than you've presented here. There's nothing like a charge-back from VISA or MC to get a seller's attention - just call customer service for your card, they'll send you a form, and its a done deal.
I thought that writing directly to JR Granatelli would help, but I am very disappointed. The Air filter does not clear the ABS system tubes. Granatelli's fix: bend the ABS tubes out of the way.
#1. Bad idea
#2. Not as easy as it sounds.
#3. I refuse to do it. A custom made piece should not require this.

A real shame, I like the system. I know I can dispute thru my credit card company, but I was hoping for some integrity.

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