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Originally Posted by CrzyHorse
For everyone that says its is hard to get a GT500 I agree, you have to look very hard. For those who say its impossible because all of them have been accounted for, I believe is a lie. Here in Glendale, California, at Star Ford, there were two GT500's, one coupe and one convertible. The MSRP was 45,000 but the dealer was asking for 75,000. Unfortunately the other day they sold the convertible, but the coupe is still sitting there with no one to purchase her. I wish I could,but at 30,000 over MSRP, I just cant afford it. Hope she gets in the right hands.
I guess a lot of it depends on where you live. Almost all of the dealers in my area have a GT500 sitting in the showroom. All of them have the same $20k markup.
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