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Originally Posted by Kyle F
"Let me begin by stating that I am in no way an auto detailing expert. I don’t claim to know everything; I am just putting down stuff for consideration."

HEy I can make all the faux technical writups I want. Where is his credentials?

Sorry, just a thing of mine abotu the internet. I actually fell that almost everythign he sayes is correct except wash you wheels first.
yeah... that bit about washing the dirtiest parts first doesn't get passing grades (imho):

(1) because no matter how well you rinse the towel or sponge, it still keeps a bit of grit that has the potential to get rubbed all over the rest of the car. Save the dirties parts for last!

(2) the dirtiest areas are typically lower. pain in the butt to dry and re-dry if you are working your way UP.
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