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Originally Posted by StangNut
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying about not looking like the old school ones. They're the only ones on the market that do look like the real lovers from '65/'66.
I think I can address this... Let me first state that I have already pre-ordered the louvers, so regardless, I like them enough to get them.

I think in order for them to be truely old-school in look, they would need a 'lip' on them that is slightly raised, and for the outer part to actually overlap the body panel some and for that the area outside of the actual louver to be shaped such that it's more rectangular in the rear area. The shape of the new mustang window is not as square off as the old 65-68 louver area, so when you just fill it with a louver, you're not getting the true retro-look of the 60's mustang fastback.

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