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Originally Posted by Felix2010 View Post
People who buy muscle cars should come to an understanding that its going to cost some gas. Muscle cars were not made for fuel economy. Want to save on gas, don't get a muscle car and go ahead and buy that Accord two door coupe.
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Forgot to talk about this in my previous post. Why should we accept crappy fuel economy with today's technology? With the technology car companies have at their disposal today, there is no need to live with bad fuel economy, even from sports cars and muscle cars. The new Vette gets something like 29-30 MPG on the highway.

And like it or not, with gas north of 4 bucks a gallon in parts of the country and the economy still slow, it's a pretty tough sell marketing a car that gets 16 or 17 MPG, even to the most hardcore muscle car enthusiasts.

On top of all that, you have the new CAFE standards from the government. Car companies are REQUIRED to make these cars more efficient each and every year. So unless you want to see Ford and other stop making muscle cars, you're going to have to accept that they will need to cut weight and streamline things to meet those new efficiency standards.

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