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Originally Posted by Jenkinsbball
I don't think you can really do anything. He caught you speeding and it's his word against yours.

I was reved by some old as Chevy truck yesterday. Him and his friend kept staring at me and reving, but I had my sick wife in the car with me so I didn't do anything. I gave it like 40% throttle and still pulled away, but dropped into 5th @ 40 mph and cruised, and got a flyby.

I also got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign yesterday. I was doing maybe 2-3 mph when I did, but the piece of **** cop still nailed me and gave me a ticket. He's all like, "I checked your license and you're perfect, but here's a citation". I wanted to shoot him in the face for it. So, now, I'll have to do deferred judication or whatever so it won't go on my record.
well, you know "Stop" does mean to stop Jenkins. otherwise, it would say "Yield"

Vandermey: clear this up for me man. i get people all the time when i get them for stop signs they state: yeah, i California stopped on that one" of course i remind them that this is OK, not Cali. but i must ask.... do you guys stop out there, or is coasting through good to go? what is this "California Stop" i keep hearing about?

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