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Originally Posted by stlwagon
Well, military aircraft use nitrogen in most tires. Nitrogen molecules are larger than air and escape less rapidly and it is also less susceptible to expansion and contraction. Nitrogen is also lighter than air and people have reported better gas mileage. It isn't cheap. Can cost a few dollars per tire to fill.
Nitrogen isn't that much lighter that it's going to lighten the car and make it get better gas mileage. The savings is most likely due to the fact that the tires are properly inflated for a longer time. That will do more for mileage in any car. Another benefit is Nitrogen is supposed to reduce moisture on the inside of the tire, inhibiting corrosion. Many steel wheels failed due to rusting from the inside out. Air, under compression, will actually pool moisture. That's why you have to drain your air compressor every time you use it. The benifits, if any, seem to be negligible so I wouldn't bother myself.

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