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I hear what you are all saying, but some background information may be helpful. First, my Mustang only gets 13-15 MPG in normal driving. I grant, it is mostly local driving. Even onthe freeway, and I keep her at 70 mph most of the time, I still only get 17-18 mpg.

Next, my Fusion wa sup for adoption because of the crappy gas mileage it got. It had a 3.0 V6 w/6-spd auto tranny. It was rated at 32 MPG. I tried everything with this car...I tried driving with cruise control on, staying right at speed limit (65 mph), I tried driving at 70 mph, and kept most of the driving on the freeway. I even let others drive the car who ar know for getting max mileage, AND after all that, I could manage was 22 MPG. I had taken the car in had it tested and still no improvement. Then to top it off, it had that nasty 3 second throttle lag. Again, nothing fixed that.

Lastly, my brother just bought the same truck and he then promptly took it on a 500 mile road trip, and he said he was getting 18-19 mpg on open highway. My new truck is rated for an average of 19 mpg. I grant, that is not likely to be accurate, but based on others I have seen, it comes damn close. So with 0% financing, my payment is only $100 more than the Fusion, and the gas mileage is not quite the same but is not grossly off. The F-150 is a much better ride in every aspect than the Fusion plus I have more utility with it than the Fusion.

So IMHO, the added cost for a truck, for which I have always liked and missed since selling mine years ago, is worth it compared to having a round the mill sedan that did not deliver what it promised.
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