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Originally Posted by GTNOS
well, you know "Stop" does mean to stop Jenkins. otherwise, it would say "Yield"

Vandermey: clear this up for me man. i get people all the time when i get them for stop signs they state: yeah, i California stopped on that one" of course i remind them that this is OK, not Cali. but i must ask.... do you guys stop out there, or is coasting through good to go? what is this "California Stop" i keep hearing about?
The "California Stop" came around because in Los Angeles, it was common practice, although still illegal, for people to come to a near stop , not a full stop, and coast through a stop sign if the traffic is clear. If the myth is true, then that practice originated in California. I tend to think Califonria just got the blame because the life style in Southern California is a bit more relaxed than other areas. It is like "French Kissing" was not originated by the French...they just got blamed for it by the British so many moons ago, and the name stuck.

Just note, even in Calfiornia, a "California Stop" will still earn you a nifty ticket...if I am not mistaken, I think it is a $180-$220 ticket. On another note, I am not sure what the law is in othe states but in California a stop means a a full complete stop of forward motion of the front tires...there is no specific time measurement for a stop in Cali, just as long as the front tires come to a full complete stop, even for a second. Now the hard part is trying to prove that. If you stop for a second or less, and the police officer misses it, then it is your word against his, and for the most part, his word is more believable (not withstanding other evidence).
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