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Makes Me Feel 20 Years Old Again

I just got my 07 Gt on 8/31 Grabber Orange, Saleen super charger, 18 inch wheels, 5speed, 355 rear. I have been working since I got it yesterday was my first day off, so driving I went. It is a magnet for looks I mean every where you go people stop and stare. I actually put my head down sometimes I am not used to this. People come right up to you and start talking like I have known them all my life. The dealer did tell me this was going to happen,he was right. Any way listen to this, car is parked is auto store lot I am standing on the side walk a van backs up and is looking at my car he wacks a telephone pole so hard it jolts him into the steering wheel of the van, he goes foward gets out and has my ear for 10 minutes and than goes, he never said a word about hitting the pole. I have had people stand around the car and just stare at it. I even had a camaro stop the flow of traffic and let me out a parking lot I gave it a chirp and he did like wise. As soon as I get a camera pictures will be posted. I did clay bar the car, it has 169 miles on it already I am thinking about a dyno tune and loud mouths but I have to think about that for a while. The car is already more than I ever thought it would be.

07 GT. Exterior mods n/a. Engine mods, see profile.
One of the more powerful cars around.
One of the slower cars around.
Makes me feel like a kid every time.
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