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Thanks for the replies....Pumpdoc kinda knows where it's @ on the color ...the deal itself would be beyond fantastic . This is all financed by my previous challenger 440 6pk vert basically would blow the wad on one super nice car....have No interest in a euro super car. Eff em LOL ....American all the way...BTW as crappy as Ford svc may be me it would be buckets cheaper than any foreign supercar...Obviously this would not be a daily driver...My Co Car gets 95%+ of my mileage it is my stang only has 1200 miles in 1 1/2 years so that's not an issue ...

Pro's -
Great deal so suck up the color
Exotic Car
Exotic Looks
Awesome performance
Long term collectible
Only a 2 seater
have to use 2 vehicles for shows etc
No Vert option
Not my ideal color choice
Probably bottom out every other day
Lose a shely & PJ saleen

Freakin decisions man

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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