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Originally Posted by LandToSea View Post
For the price point I am not expecting top quality but hopefully fully coated unlike thee partially coated BBKs I got. The guy Manny at MAC seemed cool, knowledgeable and committed to a good product. **** happens, hopefully they have improved QC since you got your set?
Oh yeah. It says "Committed to Quality" on the box that their stuff comes in. Now this was a good 7 years ago. I realize a lot can change in that time. However, at the time I bought a mac cat back for my now sold 03 cobra. It was not even close to fitting. Would have taken a couple hundred bucks in modification to get it right. When I called the "committed to quality" number on the side of the box and started telling the guy the problem, he hung up on me. Then when I called back he gave me a huge attitude and told me he did not have time to deal with it.

Then I went on line and found out that there where actually shops that had stopped carrying mac because they where tired of simple exhaust installs turning into total cluster ----s. With today's modern manufacturing techniques there is simply no excuse for stuff like that. Shortly after this they came out with a SS version of the 03 cobra cat back and guys all said they fit fine. They also had some long tubes for the cobras that got good reviews also. So like a said, hit and miss.

Recently while perusing the forums, I happened across a Mac Prochamber thread in the 2011+ gt section. The person reported that the mid pipe was not direct fit and he had to pay a guy a hundred bucks to fix it so that it would bolt up. Then when he finally got it on it sounded nothing like the old pro chamber use to. On the older cars. Their flowpath mufflers do sound awesome on v8 cars, but that is all I will have confidence in them for from now on.

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