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Originally Posted by mrvandermey
okay, I got it...get both the Shelby AND the GT and give me the one you like the least.
Aw crap I had the Parnelli Jones pegged for you ..Oh well

No offense to the Ferrari Fans, of which I used to be a major one , ...but ..unless it's an Enzo or a vintage like the Daytona Spyder ...kinda bored w/the style...(I Know Blasphemy) ...Ditto on the Lambo's ....The stangs are fine in tungsten...too bad the GT's didn't have some red accent on the offset the tombstone exterior ....Honestly if it was white w/blue stripes ...or the heritage color ...would have just posted the GT when It got here....but hey I enjoy all the varying POV's ...BTW most domestics question they are chintzy in allot of area's but to me it's part of the charm...Look @ all the old Muscle cars & crazy $$$ they go for not to mention what Original GT40's, A/C Cobra's ..Hemi's ...Boss 429's etc..those cars were downright deplorable in so many area's ...yet collectors "pony" up big $$$$ for them

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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