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Originally Posted by jasons99gt
Check out a Fusion. Stop taking pity on Ford and go look at there other products! I hear this everyday. "Why cant you guys build this? Why why why..." Stop listening to the media, visit a showroom ..instead of paying 5-10k dollar premiums for a few letters that say "Honda" or "Toyota"
Dude , I paid over 40K (w/tax) in 05 for my Vert & am considering a 157K (Yes that's the price ) Ford GT so I am far from 'clouded by the media' in my decision making . In fact when it comes to my current stang , I never even mentioned problems . Having said that , you are seriously mistaking if you think the Ford Fusion approaches the driving dynamics, quality & refinement of the 07 camry or accord. In fact it's not even in the maxima league.

Hey don't take my word for it , do a little research into resale value. Find ANY ford sedan that comes close to the aformentioned cars. While your @ it ...Compare Lincoln resale to any foreign luxury maker , it's downright embarrassing.

PS- I had the 'good fortune' to have a taurus once as a compnay car was a horrendous, constantly plagued car , in the shop for months @ a time (the BEST part of having one...looking forward to the rental)
This was Ford's best selling car & the country's best selling car for a while . They could have refined it to death to stand out as a benchmark. Instead you have a friggin fusion ? WT Hay ..last I checked that was some type of nuclear reaction, not a car.

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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