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Originally Posted by mrvandermey
Although I am not as gas senistive as many others, and I do realize this is a truck and that there really is not a way to maximize fuel efficiency, I am still going to do several things to help it along. One thing I did notice on the window sticker, apparently the F-150 has a 3.55 gear ratio, that should help minutely. I am going to put synthetic oil in her (I hear that helps with 1 or 2 mpg), of course I am getting a hard tonneau cover (I have like those regardless of the mpg), and I am probably going to add a CAI and dual exhaust. I was going to use a tuner, but just talking to you all on this thread makes it apparent that wont help much. If I do become a slave to the pump, I will just go buy a little beater and run that to the ground.
hey vandermey, have you looked under the hood of your F150? if so, did you take notice of that mess of crap ford calls an air intake that is bolted to the engine? i mean it looks like a big plastic maze, has to be restrictive as hell. i would get a cold air kit for it, im sure someone makes one. get on one of those f150 forums, im sure someone can point you in the right direction. i would do it to mine, but if have 300 or so bucks to spend, ill buy one for the stang first... but the f150 needs one bad! it would add some hp and maybe even help some with the mileage. dang sure aint gonna hurt...

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