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Originally Posted by jasons99gt
Check out a Fusion. Stop taking pity on Ford and go look at there other products! I hear this everyday. "Why cant you guys build this? Why why why..." Stop listening to the media, visit a showroom and testdrive one of these vehicles. We are kicking alot of them out the door because people are tired of paying 5-10k dollar premiums for a few letters that say "Honda" or "Toyota"

I'm glad I bought a month ago when when it was at 5.90
A Fusion you say...hhhmmmm...I just traded in my '06 Ford Fusion for yes, a Ford F-150. Yes, I am going to get worse gas mileage in the F-150, but let me tell you about the Fusion. I bought it because it is cheaper than the Accord/Camry...but that is the point, it IS cheaper, not just less expensive. I have owned Hondas in the past, and never had quality issues like I had with the Fusion. My Fusion simply did not perform as promised. The gas mileage was over 30% less than claimed (even at the speed limit, using cruise control, good driving habits, other drivers, etc) AND it is the only car I have ever owned that had been in the shop for warranty issues 4 times in 8 months...that is NOT quality. Then too boot, it had 221 hp, only 20 less than the Accord and very close to the Camry, but it also had a 3 second delay when stepping on the gas. The Hondas and Toyotas did not. The extreme throttle lag is not noticeable unless you are already moiving or trying to take off quickly from a dead stop. I grant it is not a race car like our Mustangs, but when you are in traffic and can not pull out because of the throttle lag ro move out of the way when a truck is barreliung down on got problems. Even after being in for warranty work 4 times, I still had 2 gremlins that Ford was never able to fix. In hindsight, I would gladly pay an extra couple thousand dollars for quality and reliability. The Fusion is a nice looking car and has its niche, but NOT and Accord/Camry killer.
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