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Originally Posted by AirborneVet
I gotta step in and give some credit where it is due. I also own an '06 Fusion in addition to my 'Stang and I think it is an extremely well made car. I compared it to other cars at the same price point (Accord, Camry, etc.) and I think it is a very competitive car. The import sedans I mentioned may have it beat in some respects but they certainly don't beat it hands down. I actually think the Fusion has a quieter and more refined ride quality than either one of them. Either way you look at it, the Fusion is eons ahead of Ford's more recent efforts at a mass-market sedan (Taurus, Contour, etc.), and is definitely the best effort made by any domestic car maker.

If I have any gripe at all it would be about the fuel mileage. I agree with the previous poster, mine doesn't get near what I think it should. I can get 29-30 on the highway but I am lucky to get 20 in the city and mixed-driving. Driving the same roads in the same manner back and forth to work everyday gets me about 20.5. Here's what makes me a little upset - on the same roads I get about 20.5 out of my Mustang to
I will give credit where credit belongs, although I am not impressed with Fusion, it is better than most other domestics, and with a little effort from Ford, it could be a true competitor for the imports. FORD, if you are listening, actually make the car get close to the gas mileage claimed. I had the V6, it was claimed to get 31 mpg, the best I ever saw was 23. I used my Fusion for just commuting my 50 miles each way, which is virtually all open highway. In town, the car would be lucky to 18, if in-town driving was only a mile or two, the gas mileage would drop like a rock. Remember when Ford had "Quality is Job One", well Ford, go back to that and mean it. If Ford can increase the quality and reliability, deliver on its promises, and keep the car competitive in price, then Ford would have a hit.
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