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sometimes you shouldnt wave

maybe this should be in the kill section but there i was, minding my own business..creeping along at 30mph on the highway cause its raining and here comes the old foxy 5.0...i give the guy a wave cause you know, we do that...and he waves back...then he ruins the feeling...he keeps lining up next to me while i'm driving slow..he'll let the traffic get ahead a bit...then he'll gun it so i can hear his engine. on a nice day that wouldnt be so bad...all of us s197 owners can eat a 5.0 for breakfast lunch and dinner but on this day the streets are soaked and everytime this kid gunned it i thought he'd fishtail into me...i coulda killed him i was so mad..and he kept doin it and i tried to let him ahead of me but i finally got around a few cars so he was 3 cars behind me..really annoying...he probably thinks he showed me

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