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I had an '89 Taurus - back when they were decent sized cars and not the compacts they are now. Drove that car for 150,000 hard miles - all city, stop and go, traffic. I loved that car. Decent power, lots of room, and very comfortable. I am only 5'6" but I am sick of not having any room in cars anymore. Hell, my parent's Grand Marque was so silly that even with the seat all the way back I was crammed against the wheel - considering the size of that car what the hell did they do.

I often think they make these cars in a vacume - or most likely, they are relying TOO MUCH on computer models and forgetting to just ASK people what they want or think is good in a car. Even in our Mustangs - how damn useless are those stupid side pockets in the doors. Even my sunglasses won't fit.

Decent variety is important too - they need to undertand that one size does not fit all!! Some of us could care less about gas mileage - I want room, steel, and power!!

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