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Questions for Lowering

Hi Guys,

Finally want to get around to doing a mod before this summer is finished. I was thinking of doing more exhaust work, but I think I really want to do some Suspension work instead. I've been searching threads like mad and I think I've finally decided on what to purchase. I'm going to do this purchase in a few stages, as I'm really on a budget with other bills to pay lol.

Products to buy:
1. Koni STR.T Shocks & Struts
2. Eibach Sportline Springs
3. Ford GT500 Strut Mounts

My Research:
I haven't read anything bad about these products being used on our cars. I'm think it should be a solid upgrade over stock. So any suggestions for me on this purchase, good or bad? I really wanted to do this install myself to save some money, but I'm really nervous about screwing up.

My Goals:
I am not tracking this car. It's my daily driver. I want the lowered stance for looks when cruising, but I want it to have a performance benefit as well. I'm one of those guys who just street drives and wants to push the car from time to time for fun. I don't mind extra NVH.

My Concerns: lol
I know some of the hidden costs that will creep up on me might be the Camber bolts, but was worried if the Sportline springs will require Caster/Camber plates...this would suck for costs for my budget. Also, a Panhard bar will probably be needed. Is it an immediate requirement? Is there anything else I should be aware of?

If everything is positive and funds work out. I should be able to order this Thursdays payday. Think I might buy the Eibach Springs first. Since there is a 10% rebate this month too. Then in a couple weeks get the Mounts and Koni STR.Ts.

Pretty stoked for a mod finally! Thanks guys. I know this is pretty repetitive of a thread, but just looking for re-assurance and just excited.

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