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Originally Posted by VintageV8
ah "pumpdoc", many being silent agree with you.

"My son will be getting his driver's license soon, and he needs a reliable car to drive to community college". I would think a house might have been a better investment for he will need a place to live and real estate would more than likely appreciate.

I found out personally, you have to be careful what you post in these Forums.
Hey guys, I'm from NY, so I'm a little more thick skinned than average! Say what you want! I know when you post something like this, of course you are going to get all kinds of responses. I too read the posts about the girl getting the GT500, too much power, the parents are idiots, yada yada yada. I agreed that the higher horsepower for a younger driver was not a good idea. It's kind of a traditional thing with me, in that my first car at 16 was a '65 straight 6cyl Mustang. Of course it was a lot older and cheaper then! And yes, his GPA is really high(he will be a junior in H.S., yet in college already-cool), and he will be an Eagle Scout soon, although neither of those were a requirement. But being responsible is. So far that has been the case with both my children. (I have an older daughter in college out of state). The car is not an investment(not many are), but will be a better mode of transport than the much older car we used to have, so I'm good with that(Don't know of any homes for $20K?). He knows he'll be paying any tickets, and if he gets a speeding ticket we have a Dodge Durango he'll drive for a while as he thinks about what he's done(he hates that thing!). Of course he really cares about the Mustang, and I think he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his use of it. I've already mentioned to him the bumper sticker you can put on your car that says, "How's my driving?" and gives a phone number for the parents! But so far I can't bring myself to slap a bumper sticker on the beautiful Mustang! We'll see how it goes.

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